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Nepal Adventure Tour

Bestowed with soaring peaks and mountains, alluring rivers, challenging terrains and many other natural marvels, Nepal has become the central of attraction for adventurous sport in the word. Be it paragliding, Zip Flyer, Ultra flight, Bungee or Mountain biking, the country offers ample opportunities for adventure junkies. Nepal is well-known for its adventurous climbing and trekking location in the world. The Himalayan country is magical place filled with stunning snow-peak mountain, pristine nature, incredible landscapes, diverse culture and varied geography. Recently, there has been surge of adrenaline sports in the small Himalayan kingdom of Nepal. You can experience physically and mentally challenging activities in the lap of nature apart from the obvious trekking and climbing.

Nepal is dream come true destination for back packer and adventure seekers. Kathmandu and Pokhara is naturally blessed region for adventurous activities apart from major activities like mountain climbing and trekking. Aimway travel presents numbers of adventurous sport opportunity whether it is bungee jump over 160m gorge or recently opened swing jump or gravity fall of zip flyer, huge rapids rafting, paragliding, mountain biking, mountain flight and scenic ultra flight. We trailblazer the best guided adventure tour for your utmost experience and satisfaction.

Paragliding Tour

You want to fly high and conquer the sky? Then paragliding is what you like to experience. If there is anything that remains at core in human fancy it must be flying. If you really want soar high, you must try the adventurous paragliding in Nepal. That is a truly wonderful and enthralling experience.

Zip Flyer

Nowadays zip flyer has become the core of adventurous ride but it delete this part. It was created with the motto of transportation across rivers and other impossible crossing areas. Zip flyer in Nepal is not just a normal zip-line, but it one of world’s largest, fastest and steepest zip-line. It brings your adventure experience to an utmost level.

Ultra Light Tour

If you are an adventure junkie, then you must try this exotic air voyage through nature for a life time experience. Ultra flight is a light air-craft that seats for 2 people (a pilot and passenger) without

windows. The flight takes you to a real height and very close to the mountain.

Bungy Jumping Tour

Set amid of pristine nature and ecological riches of Nepal, the 160 meter-tall Bhote-Koshi is one of highest natural bungee spot of the world. A bungy jumping tour in Nepal is designed to let you

explore the natural wilderness and enjoy the thrilling and heart chilling jump from the suspension bridge in between two Georges of Bhote Khoshi.

Mountain Flight Tour

Nepal Mountain flight tour is an exotic air-flight or helicopter flight towards the majestic Himalaya in Nepal. This adventurous mountain flight not only takes you higher but takes you closer to the mountain and provides long-flight time to enjoy the incredible scenery beneath you.


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