Muktinath– A must to Visit Sacred Site for Indian Pilgrims

Muktinath Tour to wash away all the sin attained in lifetime

Visiting the pilgrimage sites of Nepal is extremely spiritual experience. Pilgrims can achieve a holistic retreat by visiting this land of religious beliefs. Muktinath Darshan Yatra offered by Aimway Tours provides unique oppotunity to pay homage to this highly worshipped site in a comfortable and luxurious manner. Apart from spiritual experience, Muktinath Yatra also offers diverse landscapes with mountains, cultures and rural habitat of Nepalese people along the route. It also brings peace of mind, soul and spiritual happiness. The site is so satisfying that nobody visiting Muktinath remains unhappy, bored and emotionally unattached. It not only comes in a sense of natural beauty but also for trustworthy and innocent people.


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We offer various spiritual tour package to Muktinath that can be chosen as per your requirement. Jomsom Muktinath Yatra by Jeep and Muktinath Darshan Yatra by flight are most popular and trending package of Muktinath. It is also possible to conduct Muktinath Yatra by helicopter if you are limited by time.

Muktinath Overview

Located at an altitude of 3,710m (12,172ft) at the foot of Thorong La Pass, Muktinath is highly venerated pilgrimage site for both Hindus and Buddhists.


Hindus call it the Mukti Kshetra, which literally means “the place of salvation” and is considered as one of oldest temple of lord Vishnu. This revered site is believed to be one of the eight temples of the God Vishnu and the Vaishnava Tradition in Nepal, the other seven being Srirangam, Srimushnam, Tirupati, Naimisharanya, Totadri, Pushkar and Badrinath. It is also one of 108 Divya Desam and 51 Shakti Goddess Sites.

Muktinath is small temple which houses human-sized golden statue of Vishnu as Shri Mukti Narayan. Moreover, the temple is decorated with bronze image of Bhoodevi (the Earth-goddess form of Lakshmi), the goddess Sarswati and Janaki (Sita), Garuda (the mount of Vishnu), Lava-Kusa (the sons of Rama and Sita) and the Sapta Rishis (seven Sages created by Brahma). The presence of old Buddhist monk makes it equally revered for Buddhist nuns.

Behind the temple is semi-circular wall fitted with 108 stone faucets. The freezing water from Kali-Gandaki River has been diverted to flow through the tap. Hardly few pilgrims manage to bath on whole 108 taps.

108-holy-taps-in-muktinath jomsom

The number 108 carries great importance in Eastern Philosophy. There are 12 Zodiac or Rashi and 9 Planets or Graha, giving a total combination of 108. Moreover, there are 27 Nakshatras which each are divided into 4 quarters, or Padas, again giving the total combination of 108.

Tibetan Buddhist has it that Padmasmbhava, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism, had meditated here on his way to Tibet. They call it Chumming Gyatsa meaning “Hundred Waters”. The monastery dedicated to Guru Rimpoche (Padmasambhava) and housing a statue of Buddhist deity Chenrezig (Avolokitesvara), is known for continuous burning natural gas fire, which Hindus worship as Jwala Mai, the Goddess of Fire.

Comparison Jomsom Muktinath Jeep Adventure Vs Muktinath Darshan Yatra via Flight


Jomsom Muktinath Jeep Adventure

Jomsom Muktinath Jeep Adventure has more scope of exploration and discovery compared to the flight. Jeep adventure to Muktinath would be the great introduction to rural Nepal and its landscapes. Jeep trip to Muktinath is perfect for those who have enough time and want unforgettable experience in Nepal.


  • Overland trip through tropical, subtropical and high land forest
  • Cultural and religious experience
  • Wonderful mountain views


  • Time Consuming

Muktinath Darshan Yatra via Flight

It is less time consuming and comfortable compared to jeep adventure. The aerial view of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri range in Pokhara and Jomsom is awe-inspiring. But the spiritual experience is same.


  • Aerial view of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges
  • Can be accomplished in short time
  • Great spiritual experience


  • Quite expensive